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Where It All Began

We have worked hard these past 6 years to provide a place where the EVERYONE felt safe and welcome.  As many of you know, we lost our original location on Dickinson Avenue to allow for the construction of the new 10th Street Connector.  With NO ASSISTANCE or GRANTS from the city or state to help find a new location, two years later we were blessed enough to find a home on Evans Street. Although, our original plan was not to have a combination dining and entertainment establishment, opening a “D&E” was an opportunity for us to provide a place again for the community and get around the strict rules Greenville has in place for locating private clubs. 

We have been honored to have been part of sponsoring and continuing traditions, such as delivering tons of toys to needy children through DSS and providing a safe place to gather during tragedies and community sorrow.  We have sponsored and given space to allow residents of the city to learn how to salsa dance, provided a place where people have gathered for book clubs, political rallies, remembrances, weddings, and celebrations of life.  Crave has also hosted a film festival, bringing worldwide film making to Greenville, hosted national bands and artists, along with supporting local bands and entertainers. 

Unfortunately, times have changed and while we as an owner group have invested over a million dollars in the past 6 years from Limelight, to Tipsy Teapot @ Limelight and finally our beloved Crave, all in efforts to provide the community a safe and secure home, we are unable to continue Crave.  It has been our honor to be here.  It has been our honor to work with our Police Chief to help write a state bill to protect the LBGTQ+ community. It has been our honor to work with the City to change local regulations to improve customer interactions. 

Many people will ask why… we will say, support those that support you.  That is a principal in life.  We know that Crave will be one of many empty buildings in the Uptown core, yet we must realize that pressures beyond our control, control our future.  We hope we have made a positive impact on every person that has interacted with us.  

To Jermain, JJ, Michael, Robert and the many entertainers and other staff that have worked with us over the past 6 years, your contributions, your love for the community and your loyalty to us, have been something that none of us could have imagined. You are our immediate family and you are our heart.  Thank you so much.           

We wish to say a sincere thank you and send love to all of our supporters.  We strongly encourage you not to give up on having a place to feel safe.

With tears, yes, some anger and with tremendous support and love to each of you…
Jeremy, James, Michael, Craig, and Glen

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